sábado, 19 de março de 2011

Generally, it's a good idea to only use aloe vera externally. While some have claimed that aloe vera can be used as a treatment for certain gastrointestinal problems, this has never been proven. Furthermore, if you're pregnant or nursing, you should only use aloe vera externally. If you're suffering from such conditions as Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome or gastritis, your aloe vera usage should likewise be limited to external use. Aloe vera is occasionally recommended for use as a laxative. On the one hand, we know that aloe vera contains a bowel-stimulating agent; however, there's a danger that bowels can become overly reliant on aloe vera. So it's best to treat constipation by increasing the amount of water and fiber in your diet rather than looking to aloe. Lastly, people suffering from diabetes should use aloe sparingly, since it's been shown in studies that it can decrease blood sugar levels

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